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Tech & Education: Using Skype in the Classroom

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SkypeSkype has been around since 2003 helping people connect with friends and family all over the world through their revolutionary internet communication service, but only in recent years (with the prevalence of broadband internet) has it become THE method of choice for connecting with people face-to-face whether they’re in the next room or half way around the globe.

Businesses in the US have used Skype to connect with their offices in Japan. Oprah has used it to reach celebrities on location in remote countries. Why shouldn’t you?

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SlideShare: Upload and share your PowerPoint presentations online

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SlideShareThink PowerPoint meets YouTube.

SlideShare lets users display their the PowerPoint presentations online with all the features and functions that you’ve gotten used to with YouTube. Simply upload your slides and SlideShare does the rest, providing a simple to use page for your presentation that allows users to navigate through the individual slides or play the entire presentation as a slideshow. Users also have the option to share the presentation on a variety of social websites or embed it within their own blog.

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