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Building a Class Website: Should I use a Blog or Wiki?

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I get this question all the time… usually after one my teacher friends has attended a “tech” seminar where the speaker mentioned something or another about Edublogs (blog) and/or WikiSpaces (wiki), so let’s examine the two platforms.

Blogs Wikis
Management Single Facilitator (teacher) Community (teacher & students)
Collaboration Discussions through commenting system Open editing for all content (depending on privacy settings)
Design Multiple themes available; Complete HTML & CSS access Limited
Expandability Plugins available (YouTube/Flickr integration, Polls, Calendar, etc.) Limited options
Privacy Built-in Built-in
Spam Software Managed Community Managed
Cost Free Free
Setup Simple Simple
Platforms WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Live Journal, Edublogs (powered by WordPress) WikiSpaces, PBWiki

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Tech & Education: Flashcard Apps for the iPhone

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gFlashProHandwritten index cards are old news… These days, when it comes to flashcards, the iPhone is definitely the way to go. With tons of apps available, students can now add pictures, sounds and even YouTube clips to their cards, share them easily with friends and access them wherever they are at the click of a button (or swipe of finger).

Take a look at short list of the best available flashcard apps for the iPhone or iPod Touch (Note: The apps listed are customizable flashcard apps. You can find other apps with pre-set stacks of cards for specific subjects by searching in iTunes.).

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