Boston Globe: Classroom Clickers Gain Traction with Students and Teachers

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iClicker After years of success in university courses throughout the country, “clickers” (also referred to as student/audience/personal response systems) are now gaining traction in the K-12 classroom. These handheld devices (shown right) allow students to interact with their teachers by submitting answers to multiple choice questions wirelessly from their desks. Within seconds, responses can be captured and analyzed in real-time by the teacher who can then use the results to tailor upcoming lessons.

Students and teachers have raved about the device indicating an increase in classroom interaction and energy. Others have said that the “clickers” help to reduce wasted class time covering topics that students already understand while allowing for greater attention to the more difficult concepts.

Costs range from $895 to $3000 for a classroom set to accommodate around 30 students. Each system generally includes 30-32 “clickers”, a receiver (to capture the signals) and the software required to display the results on-screen.

Top providers include: iClicker, Turning Technologies and iEducation

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