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Online Image Editors: Aviary’s Phoenix and Falcon make it simple

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Aviary - Online Creative ToolsAviary, a New York based startup who has taken on the unenviable task of mimicing Adobe’s powerful creative tools online, has launched two great web-based image editors, Phoenix and Falcon, both of which are free and incredibly easy to use.

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How-to: Getting Started with EduBlogs

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EdublogsEdublogs (powered by a multi-user version of WordPress) is a completely free blogging platform targeted towards teachers, students, researchers, professors, librarians, administrators and anyone and everyone else involved in education. With each account, you receive 20MB of free upload space (easily extended to 5 GB as a Supporter) and a heap of great features.

On a larger scale, schools and universities looking to create, manage and control blogs at their own domain, can do so with Edublogs Campus, an additional paid offering from the people at Edublogs.

Commentary: For anyone that has worked with WordPress, Edublogs is really no different. The biggest benefit of Edublogs is the education-related tips and support that the community provides through their blog and forum at The Edublogger.

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iLearn Technology: Top 10 Technology Tips for New Teachers

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iLearn TechnologyA quick excerpt from an incredible post by Kelly Tenkely at her edublog iLearn Technology. My only suggestion… reword the title to read “Top 10 Tips for Teachers New to Technology.” (There’s plenty of OLD teachers out there that could sure use this list…)

Being a first year teacher can be overwhelming to say the least. There is new curriculum to learn, unfamiliar school policies, classroom management challenges, and new teammates. Technology can help to ease some of these first year growing pains.

1. Develop a Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter.
Twitter is an excellent place for new teachers to connect, collaborate, share ideas, and struggles with educators around the world. When joining Twitter, make sure to fill out your profile with information related to education. This will help others in education find you. Visit to create an account. Visit to find other educators that teach in the same content area(s). Be sure to add your Twitter name to the appropriate list so that other educators can find you.

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Mimio: Affordable Alternative to the SMARTboard

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Mimio - Interactive WhiteboardsMeet Mimio. Not entirely new to the interactive whiteboard market, but only now gaining in popularity after being named a 2009 Best in Tech selection by Scholastic Administrator, Mimio has emerged as a viable competitor to industry-leader Smart Tech (makers of the SMARTboard) by offering affordable interactive solutions that work with existing classrooms setups.

Unlike conventional interactive whiteboard solutions, mimio’s technology is housed in a compact bar that attaches easily to any standard whiteboard, converting it into a vibrant teaching medium while still allowing the use of standard dry-erase markers. Weighing under three pounds, the entire system is easily carried from classroom to classroom and can be setup within minutes using existing computers and projectors. Prices start around $600 with an educational discount which is about half the cost of a standard SMARTboard.

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