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Kodak Zi8 HD: Just like the Flip Video, possibly better

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The final verdict won’t be out on the Kodak Zi8 HD until its September release, but based on the performance of its predecessor, the Zi6, and the expected improvements, Flip may have something to worry about.

The Kodak Zi8 HD is set to retail for $180 and will reportedly feature 1080p HD recording, an expandable SD-card slot and most notably… image stabilization. If you’ve ever tried to take video while walking around with a Flip, then you’re well aware that this is a much-needed feature.

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Mimio: Affordable Alternative to the SMARTboard

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Mimio - Interactive WhiteboardsMeet Mimio. Not entirely new to the interactive whiteboard market, but only now gaining in popularity after being named a 2009 Best in Tech selection by Scholastic Administrator, Mimio has emerged as a viable competitor to industry-leader Smart Tech (makers of the SMARTboard) by offering affordable interactive solutions that work with existing classrooms setups.

Unlike conventional interactive whiteboard solutions, mimio’s technology is housed in a compact bar that attaches easily to any standard whiteboard, converting it into a vibrant teaching medium while still allowing the use of standard dry-erase markers. Weighing under three pounds, the entire system is easily carried from classroom to classroom and can be setup within minutes using existing computers and projectors. Prices start around $600 with an educational discount which is about half the cost of a standard SMARTboard.

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iClicker: The Simple Solution for a Student Response System

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iClickerStudent Response Systems, or “clickers,” have been making their way into the K-12 classroom after years of success in colleges and universities around the country. The most popular among them is iClicker whose reputation for affordability, ease of use and reliability has resulted in campus wide adoption in more than 50 schools across North America including Cornell, UC Berkeley and Boston College (to name a few).

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Boston Globe: Classroom Clickers Gain Traction with Students and Teachers

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iClicker After years of success in university courses throughout the country, “clickers” (also referred to as student/audience/personal response systems) are now gaining traction in the K-12 classroom. These handheld devices (shown right) allow students to interact with their teachers by submitting answers to multiple choice questions wirelessly from their desks. Within seconds, responses can be captured and analyzed in real-time by the teacher who can then use the results to tailor upcoming lessons.

Students and teachers have raved about the device indicating an increase in classroom interaction and energy. Others have said that the “clickers” help to reduce wasted class time covering topics that students already understand while allowing for greater attention to the more difficult concepts.

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Tech & Education: Flashcard Apps for the iPhone

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gFlashProHandwritten index cards are old news… These days, when it comes to flashcards, the iPhone is definitely the way to go. With tons of apps available, students can now add pictures, sounds and even YouTube clips to their cards, share them easily with friends and access them wherever they are at the click of a button (or swipe of finger).

Take a look at short list of the best available flashcard apps for the iPhone or iPod Touch (Note: The apps listed are customizable flashcard apps. You can find other apps with pre-set stacks of cards for specific subjects by searching in iTunes.).

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