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Mimio: Affordable Alternative to the SMARTboard

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Mimio - Interactive WhiteboardsMeet Mimio. Not entirely new to the interactive whiteboard market, but only now gaining in popularity after being named a 2009 Best in Tech selection by Scholastic Administrator, Mimio has emerged as a viable competitor to industry-leader Smart Tech (makers of the SMARTboard) by offering affordable interactive solutions that work with existing classrooms setups.

Unlike conventional interactive whiteboard solutions, mimio’s technology is housed in a compact bar that attaches easily to any standard whiteboard, converting it into a vibrant teaching medium while still allowing the use of standard dry-erase markers. Weighing under three pounds, the entire system is easily carried from classroom to classroom and can be setup within minutes using existing computers and projectors. Prices start around $600 with an educational discount which is about half the cost of a standard SMARTboard.

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YouTube EDU: Educational Videos from Colleges and Universities

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YouTube EDUNot more than a few days after Academic Earth launched their collection of online lecture videos, streaming video giant YouTube announced their new educational hub EDU.

According to the YouTube blog, EDU is a “volunteer project sparked by a group of employees who wanted to find a better way to collect and highlight all the great educational content being uploaded to YouTube by colleges and universities”.

In comparing the two, Academic Earth appears to have the more intuitive interface, but YouTube EDU has a wider range of video content.

In the Classroom: Interesting ways to use a Flip Video

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If you don’t already own a Flip, go and buy one right now. At under $200, these handheld wonders are a cinch to use with one-touch recording, internal storage (no tapes) and simple uploading (share via email, or send to YouTube).

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