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Mimio: Affordable Alternative to the SMARTboard

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Mimio - Interactive WhiteboardsMeet Mimio. Not entirely new to the interactive whiteboard market, but only now gaining in popularity after being named a 2009 Best in Tech selection by Scholastic Administrator, Mimio has emerged as a viable competitor to industry-leader Smart Tech (makers of the SMARTboard) by offering affordable interactive solutions that work with existing classrooms setups.

Unlike conventional interactive whiteboard solutions, mimio’s technology is housed in a compact bar that attaches easily to any standard whiteboard, converting it into a vibrant teaching medium while still allowing the use of standard dry-erase markers. Weighing under three pounds, the entire system is easily carried from classroom to classroom and can be setup within minutes using existing computers and projectors. Prices start around $600 with an educational discount which is about half the cost of a standard SMARTboard.

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